About our hydroponic farm - Les Sourciers

What services do we offer at Les Sourciers?

Our core business is hydroponic farming. Every day, we work in the greenhouse to grow rare and unusual plant species. We sell these quality products to leading gourmet restaurants in the Gers and the surrounding areas.
Having lived in China for 4 years, we especially appreciate oriental flavors and it is therefore only natural that we specialize in a number of Asian plants, which are often unheard of and which acclimatize particularly well in this area of France.

We are small-scale producers and only work on 600m2 of land. Our idea is to produce quality, not quantity.

We also share our passion through theory and practical courses in hydroponics. To register for a hydroponics course, please click here.

We also offer free tours of the greenhouse where visitors can choose and harvest their own vegetables on-site. All you have to do is let us know the day and approximate time of your visit by telephone or email using the details under the Contact Us section, to ensure our presence and availability at the greenhouse.

What is hydroponics?


We come across many different reactions when we tell people that we run a hydroponic greenhouse. Most people haven't heard of it at all, some people have a very negative opinion of it and others think that we are growing illegal crops! However, hydroponics is nothing new. It was used by some of the largest civilizations such as the Incas, the Aztecs and in the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon...because of its many benefits.

The principle is simple. It involves growing plants by replacing soil with an inert substrate or, as in our case, with water. To the water, we add mineral salts and oxygen. The roots float happily in the water where they can easily feed on the ions we give to them. The whole system works as a closed circuit, fed by a pump.

There are many advantages of hydroponics. For example:

1- As it is a closed-circuit system, we save up to 95% of the water compared with land farming.

2- Access to water makes the job of the farmer more demanding. We constantly monitor our roots to make sure they have enough food, in the right quantities, that there is enough oxygen and that the pH level is ideal for the absorption of nutrients. We give the plant exactly what it needs to grow correctly, nothing more, nothing less.

3- The latter means that our plants are absolutely delicious. If you are sceptical, please come for a tour of our greenhouse. We would be more than happy for you to try our products so that we can change the misconception that hydroponics produces flavorless vegetables.

4- Soil protection: the entire nutrient solution given to the plant is absorbed, nothing is lost in the ground so there is no risk of groundwater pollution.

5- We don't use any herbicides, obviously! No soil, no weeds!

6- Within our project, we don't use any pesticides but it is quite easy to manage without them because our plants grow quickly and healthily, and are therefore more able to resist pest attacks.

. 7- Hydroponics enables the farmer to monitor several factors that are impossible to control in soil and, without any deficiencies, the plant can reach its full genetic potential. Hydroponics is also a major revelation for medicinal plants because the active ingredients from plants grown using hydroponics are a lot more concentrated than from the same plant grown in soil.

When used properly, hydroponics completely changes the way in which we see plants grow. It is something definitely worth trying, seeing and, above all, tasting.

Is it organic?

We are committed to using sustainable and responsible farming methods, and we don't use any pesticides or herbicides. We promote the use of biological control measures to protect our plants against insect pest attacks. The water we use is recovered and recycled, our green waste is composted and we deliver our products the day they are harvested and to order so as to avoid waste. We favor plant species based on their taste and not on their ease of transportation. To counter the environmentally-unfriendly import of plant species from Asia, which arrive tired-looking from their journey, we offer restaurant owners the same plants, but fresh and produced locally.
Providing delicious, healthy food is our priority.

Les Sourciers
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