About us

The people behind Les Sourciers are Marion and Nicolas Sarlé, a Franco-Argentinean couple who have been hydroponic enthusiasts for several years. Feeling stuck in the same old routine in Buenos Aires, squeezed into a one-bedroom apartment with no garden, it was this lack of space that led them to discover hydroponics: by growing lettuces on their balcony...without soil. It was a blessing in disguise!

After training at the Vivero Villa Monica nursery on one of the islands of Tigre, they decided to pack their bags and to go and (re)introduce hydroponics to France, where the growing method certainly needed a new image.

The ease with which these lettuces were growing, and, in particular, their exceptional flavor (which was contrary to all expectations) led the couple to throw themselves heart and soul into this great hydroponic adventure. With pockets full of amazing seeds, they came to the Gers in 2013 to run the first educational hydroponic greenhouse, in collaboration with GHE.

Les Sourciers
Hydroponic Greenhouse
Lieu dit la Berdale
32330 Lagraulet-du-Gers - France