Our debut in hydroponics

by | Dec 13, 2019 | Hydroponics

I had never thought of growing small plants in water.

What a strange idea, plants eat soil, don’t they ? How uninformed I was at that time. Fortunately (for me) I had an open mind, I agreed to be surprised and shaken in my beliefs.

One day we decided to take a big trip with Nico. We left our “perfect job” in a multinational to live on a hydroponic farm in France. We learned about plants and now we understand a little better how they live and how they eat. And I’m serious when I say this : we are passionate about this subject. The more we open doors about plant nutrition, the more we realise how much there is to learn about it … it’s endless !

There were people who told us that we were “crazy” when we made this decision. But today, we look back and we are grateful for all those who doubted and drove us on to live out the madness of our passion. There is nothing more pleasant. We work very hard every day but we know exactly why we do it. Farming is the opposite of the worthless job.

This passion sprung in 2011 when, by chance, we were staying in a cabin on the island of Tigre, that belonged to Arturo and Mónica. While talking to them, they started to mention hydroponics culture and directly it picked our curisosity. Very nicely they offered to show us their hydroponic nursery.

We tasted a strawberry and it was “a flash”, as Nico said. It was delicious !

How is it that a strawberry hanging vertically and drinking water can be so good?

We wanted to understand, so we followed a course at the nursery of Villa Mónica.
Below, a picture that marks this special moment.
(but I did not knew it yet !) 

And from there, everything went very fast : we created a small hydroponic system on our balcony in Buenos Aires.

And few years later….

In the South of France, our hydroponic greenhouse in 2015 !

In 2016, taking advantage of our Hydroponics World Tour idea, we visited Arturo and Monica again. To thank them for all that they inspired us and to continue to learn with them, our hydroponic masters

 Recently, I decided to share everything we discover on Youtube (mainly in French, but I am working hard to put english subtitles in all videos !), so that people can learn with us.
Here is the video of the meeting.

And as a bonus, a video tutorial in which you can learn all the tricks to grow vertical strawberries in hydroponics !

It’s in Spanish with French subtitles only (for the moment !)