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 This innovative growing system makes it possible to grow plants by replacing the soil with an inert growing method or water. We add to it mineral nutrients, organic matter and oxygen. Everything works in a closed circuit re-circulated by a pump.

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Our trainings

You can begin or improve your hydroponics’ knowledge with us ; train on bioponics and aquaponics ; or learn about microgreens’ culture. These are our training offer, either ONLINE (in French) or in our microfarm in Gers. We’re more than happy to share with you all our secrets !

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Vegetable growing

Our main activity is the production of rare aromatic plants, heirloom vegetables and edible flowers that we sell in short circuit to the gastronomic chefs of our region.
We are always looking for new varieties, its a real passion to marvel by taste ! 

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Hydroponics in a polyculture micro-farm offers a magnificent playground for observation.
Curious by nature, we seek everyday to understand what is happening in our growing system.
This unique and living ecosystem is simply fascinating.

Les Sourciers

Find out who is behind …



Hyperactive and determined, she wants to make this culture mode well known everywhere she can be received to talk about it. She’s the initiator ! 



Fascinated by life in all its forms, highly specialized in biology and chemistry, his curiosity has no limits. He’s the brain !

Instered by our trainings ?


Complete training in hydroponics. 
Come to learn and exchange with us in our hydroponic micro-farm.


If learning in French is not an obstacle for you, we offer a complete online training in growing microgreens. Via 4 modules, you will learn the basics you need to know to get started !


The training is very interesting and constructive ! Marion and Nicolas are very open which allows interesting exchanges about hydroponics, farming and many other subjects. 

Adrien K.

The Hydroponics course is very complete, I loved it, we learned a lot thanks to the knowledge of passionate and very professional trainers. Their keen interest and passion is highly contagious. I feel fully adhered and convinced to pursue my explorations with hydroponics following this training. A big thank you to both of you for sharing so much. I really hope that you will continue to transmit this information to the greatest number of us responsible earthlings. Your knowledge is already  immense and I would have liked to develop more the scientific and biological aspect with Nico who masters very well these fields. A small training to develop the biological and scientific cycles perhaps? 

Frederic Le Strat

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