Hydroponics research

recherche en hydroponie

The big family of hydroponics is a fascinating world. The more we learn, the more we realize what remains as research and discovery to do. It’s endless … and brings happiness !

While travelling we met many specialists with whom we set up research and exchange groups. We think that the more “brains” there are on a subject, the faster things will move forward. And at the end the whole industry will be pulled up. This is the principle of collective intelligence.

That’s the reason why we communicate so much on social networks : awakening as many people as possible about this culture, inspiring, intriguing and creating exchanges. You can visit our youtube channel on which we post regularly (many videos are in french but we are working hard to add english subbtitles). Whether it’s tutorials or videos of hydroponics farms, bioponics and aquaponics that exist abroad.

We also do trainings so that everyone can come and learn with us all what we have to share !


Our priority this year is bioponics : organic hydroponics. For us it represents the logical evolution of purely mineral hydroponics, and would allow an autonomy in nutritive contributions.

You can visit our FAQ to better understand the difference between hydroponics, bioponics and aquaponics.


Since the beginning of our adventure, we’ve worked in synergy with General Hydroponics Europe which is located next to us in the Gers (France). They produce mineral and organic nutrients, as well as crop systems. Together we are thinking about the best solutions for commercial hydroponic systems, in order to see more and more hydroponic micro farms bloom.

We share the same passion for rare plants and virtuous production systems, it is a pleasure to have such great neighbors who push us constantly in our quest for the “better” !


We met the company Koppert with whom we immediately hooked up. They offer natural solutions to build real biological balance in crops in order to control insect pest problems, and a range of pollination. Unlike many collaborators who’d overlook us for being “too small” or “too marginal”, Koppert immediately showed interest in our small farm and wild polyculture ! They have super-sharp knowledge and our out of the ordinary production mode offers them a nice playground. We have a lot to test and discover together… it is a great learning prospect! Koppert has a YouTube channel with many educational films on biocontrol here.