Our experience

Going on a hydroponic adventure is not a simple thing. We speak knowingly, having launched into the adventure with little knowledge but a lot of curiosity!

Soon after the opening of our greenhouse, our first sowing and first harvests, we decided to it to people who, like us, wanted to understand and multiply this method of agriculture. In 2015, Les Sourciers is not only the first hydroponic greenhouse in France, but also a training centre ! Our training is growing from year to year, enriched by the hundreds of people we have met through them, and we hope that they will meet your expectations.


In addition to our training, we also wanted to open the doors of our greenhouse to people who were simply curious about our work, without wanting to embark on a micro-farm project ! A simple and friendly way for us to raise awareness about the benefits of hydroponics and talk about our work !

Our trainings

Have the hydroponic formations we propose have long been your desire ?

Whether to install a small vegetable garden at home, or to start the creation of a hydroponic farm / commercial aquaponics, our hydroponics training courses are for you !

Indeed, we have been hydroponists since 2011 and we have settled in our microferme since 2013. So we have a lot of feedback to share with you ! Thus, during the lessons of hydroponics we return on our mistakes and share with you all our tips. Our goal is to save you time and money in your own project.

In addition to the concrete data that you will be able to learn, and the practical workshops that will show you the daily life of a market gardener, we are keen to create a farming community in hydropnia, bioponics and aquaponics. That’s why we have opened a dedicated page to which you will have access following the training course to continue the exchange between enthusiasts and project holders, long after your stay with us !

We propose different formulas of training courses in hydroponics.

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Hydroponics training

Online training + Hands-on training


The online training only exists in French for the moment !

Level 1 : online / Level 1 + 2 : online / Level 1-2 + stage 3 jours

Discover this new method : learn all about hydroponics from home, taking your time to evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of your project without moving ! A first step towards hydroponics and a qualitative support for your project. When you are done with the  theoretical part, come meet us in our hydroponic greenhouse for the hands-on training.

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Note from the trainers

When we started offering trainings, people around us were astonished : “But you will explain all your secrets, are you not afraid to be copied ?” No, we are not scared to share our secrets, or of being copied … on the opposite!

There is still so much to discover, it is not with our two brains and our four – valiant certainly – small hands that we will move this nascent technique ! We hope that our experience will be inspiring. Thus anyone, with their own strengths and expertise, can move forward and share. Therefore the whole community of hydroponists will be pulled up, with ever more innovative, intelligent and environmentally friendly techniques.

Whether it is an initiation or a complete training, we will follow you in your project. Indeed, we are committed to create a community around these innovative ways of cultivating.

Hydroponics trainers Les Sourciers

What’s an online training ?

I become the driver of my training

By investing in this tool, you are actively involved in your training. Goodbye passivity before a theoretical lecture, soporific as possible. In the training that we propose to you at Les Sourciers, you will not be judged, or noted, for the control of your knowledge. You learn to learn.

I have access to an interactive and attractive tool

Videos, articles, quizzes, links, downloadable documents, interactive forums, access to discussion groups and sharing experiences …Thanks to the magic of digital, we will share all the useful resources to make your learning fun, dynamic, attractive, friendly and even … enjoyable ! Yes 🙂

No notation, no more struggling to understand

Forget the stress of being judged on your theoretical knowledge. In this training, you learn how to do things.

The Quizzes we created allow you to do self-evaluation. Thus, you easily see where you can improve and learn more.

Can I get answers to my questions easily & stress-free ? 

Thanks to the forum, we are at your disposal to answer all your questions. You will not be alone in front of your screen : We will be there to follow you as soon as you have questions that we have not already been answered. Farewell the stress of raising hands in class, everyone can express themselves freely.

The training adapts as and when I need

Thanks to the interactivity on the forum,  we will specify more and more the content of this training. Thus, the training will always meet your expectations as we always reassess ourselves (that’s how we learn too) !

I learn at your own pace, anywhere !

One of the main advantages of an online training is that it is totally flexible and adaptable to your availability. You learn at your own pace, independently of others. In addition, you will have plenty of time to take notes, see and review the episodes until you have assimilated everything.
It’s totally flexible.


If you are wondering whether our training courses can satisfy you, we hope that these testimonials will convince you ! Here are a few of them and  you can find them all by clicking on the “read more” button. 

Thank you for your smile, your advice, your feedback, your willingness to transmit and your positive energy. The atmosphere was relaxed and I appreciated the opportunity to exchange with the trainers and the other members of the group. Lots of information about nutrition.

Laura B.

2018, ASTREDHOR – Technical Institute of Horticulture – St Germain en Laye (France)

Thank you for your kindness and availability. I just have to create my company now, see you soon in the small community of hydroponists !

Mathieu Guyot

2018, Besançon (France)

Very advanced and technical training. Precise and practical information. Also very complete : all the areas on which I was expecting answers have been covered. I had the clarifications I needed to specify my project.

Stéphane Clerc

2017, Montpellier (France)

Guided tour

Want to discover hydroponics and the differences with organic hydroponics or aquaponics ? Want to discover our environment, discover new varieties of rare aromatic plants, old vegetables, and taste them? Want to ask us some questions ? Come and meet us during a tour of our micro-farm !