Recipe of Basil Pesto with a Thermomix :

In the basil season, I sometimes do not know what to do with it. Because it abounds and I do not help things by pruning my basil so they form a big bunch !

And as I can not bear spoiling, I rack my brains  to turn my little plants into a shape where I can keep them longer.

With basil, I’ve been doing pesto for a few years. Easy, fast, freezing and REALLY good, it’s the best processed version of basil (and I’m welcomed like a queen every time I offer pots to my surroundings).

As I am lucky to have a Thermomix, I make my pesto with it. I have already tried the soup mixer (plunger) and it works but cuts less finely so the result is less creamy.


Here is the recipe for pesto for 150 grams of basil.

If you have more, use your calculator to keep the right proportions !

  • 150g of fresh basil
  • 80g of parmesan (take a good parmesan, at the cheese shop, to honor your pesto)
  • 100g of pine nuts
  • 2 garlic clove
  • 180g of olive oil (again, try to use a good olive oil)
  • small glass jars or ice trays to keep that all winter in the freezer !

Youtube video of the pesto recipe :

(English subtitles coming soooon) 

Preparation steps :

  • Start by mixing the parmesan 8 seconds on speed 10
  • Add the pine nuts, basil leaves, garlic cloves, and half the olive oil, 75 grams. You start mixing 25 seconds at speed 5, then you increase the power gradually to reach power 7.
  • Open your Thermomix to scrape the edges and put the mixture back in the center. You add your pinch of salt and pepper, and you mix at speed 7 for 25 seconds, without the measuring cup. And while everything mixes, you add the remaining 75g of oil.
  • TA-DA ! Really easy huh !

To keep my pesto :

I transfer the contents of my Thermomix into a small glass jar that I will then put in the freezer.

Variant options according to your tastes : replace green basil with lemon basil, basil, Thai basil, basil cinnamon, … even a pesto with wild garlic or Japanese shiso!

Bon appétit !!