Our Hydroponics World Tour

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Decembre, 2015

A project that we have murished for many month. Should we do it or not ? It is actually quite crazy for farmers…

It was a « now or never » kind of situation. We don’t have any kids yet and I can’t see any other reason why we could’nt live for a few weeks. France is way too late on hydroponic matters and the demande for information is huge. If we want to keep helping people on their projects we must live, share, and learn with the others … asap ! (for those who know me I am always in a rush, nothing new with that !)

We share with great pleasure our hydroponic experience with anyone that we meet, but it is based on a 5 years experience only and with a few hydroponic systems (nft, floating, ebb and flow, aero-hydro) whereas there are thousands of hydroponic growers and each one of them has his own technic and experience.

Someone once told me « There are as many growers than there are ways to grow »


And it is true that I was going crazy when I could’nt find one single good book on « how to grow vegetables » it is because there is no one way of doing it, each one has his own tricks and tips.

So we decided to follow our feelings and buy the plane tickets. Then we could’nt back up, we just had to follow throught and find some interesting people to go and meet. And the good news is that we had invitation from all over the world ! Unfortunatly we won’t be able to visit every farm that contacted us but we have prepared a good sample of hydroponic growers. We can’t wait to have you discover them with us.

It is now time to take the road !!


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